Where I like to start my Mondays

From “If Mondays were shoes, they’d be Crocs” to “It’s not Monday that sucks, it’s your job”, people like to talk (complain) a lot about Mondays. Me too. But hey, they’ll be here forever, so we better learn to deal with them, or better: appreciate them. My advice? Start your Monday at an unusual place.

In the woods
Since I have to work in Diest, but wake up in Ghent, my Monday mornings start quite early. At 04:50 to be precise. I don’t want to lose time in traffic, so I leave Ghent and cross Brussels before most people do. During winter, it’s still dark when I arrive at my parents’ place, so I jump back into bed for a couple of hours. In summer, the sunlight is just too attractive to close my eyes again. I put on my running shoes and go for an early workout. It’s so nice to start the week in a quiet and peaceful place before diving into work.

In the city
Waking up early is not my specialty. Waking up early for breakfast, on the other hand, is one of my favorites. Instead of starting my week in the office, I like to meet my clients somewhere in the city for a productive breakfast meeting.

Some of my favorite places
Labath in Ghent, for the best chocolate milk with milk chocolate
Or in Ghent, where you could work sit at the window for hours
Kaffeenini in Antwerp, for the most beautiful toppings
La Bas in Diest, where you have to try Brenda’s Koekjesgateau

At a co-office
Meeting creative people makes me eager to work harder, better, faster and stronger. Co-offices are perfect places to meet some new, inspiring faces. My favourite one: NYO in Ghent. My latest co-work discovery: Plastron in Antwerp. Soon more about this nice place!

In your head
The key to long-term Monday bliss is to change your opinion about this day. See every Monday as a fresh start of the week. This U.S.P. can’t be claimed by other days of the week, right? If you love your job, there’s nothing to worry about 52 times a year!

How do you kickstart your week?

Let me know!

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