Heading to Hotel The Augustin

When I’m in Brussels, I always have the feeling of being a tourist in my own country. It may sound stupid, but I love it! Mostly I’m in Brussels for business. Sounds cool, but it goes with traffic jams and cursing. It’s always the other car, right? Anyway, I’ve also been to BXL a couple of times to chill, eat and shop. And I must say: the view, the food and the mood make me want to move to our capital right away. And that’s exactly what we did… for a weekend!

We headed to Brussels for a stay at Augustin. Hotel The Augustin, Brussels’ latest renovated hotel at Avenue de Stalingrad, just a few hundred meters from the city center. If you go there, don’t forget to order a cocktail at The Augustino Lounge Bar, which apparently reflects The Augustin’s dual personality. The bar was designed by the talented artist Laetitia Vidal-Cuzacq and the cocktail menu was put together by Parisian Barcaza Cocktail Club. Cheers to that!

During our stay, the weather was typically Belgian, and so was the food! Sweets from Elisabeth Chocolatier and street food at Mer du Nord are always a good idea. Just like a latté with a piece of cheesecake-to-share at one of the Capitole coffee places.

Looking for hipster plants to decorate your interior? Brut is the place to be! The lady of the house helps you with creating a lovely green environment at home. Tip of the day: dust off your plants to keep them happy!
Brut Rue Haute 202, 1000 Brussels

Saké is the kind of shop you can’t leave without buying something. I fell in love with this Saké sweater -hooray for sales- and I’ll think I have to go back soon for the small, black Royal Républic bag I didn’t buy!
Rue des Teinturiers 11, 1000 Brussels

No Sundays wihtout some pistolekes! At Pistolet, you (re)discover forgotten specialties prepared by artisans. It’s de-li-cious! Close-by you find the Taschen shop. Off course we couldn’t stop by without buying some books.
Pistolet-Original Rue Joseph Stevens 24, 1000 Brussels
Taschen Rue Lebeaustraat 18, 1000 Brussels

At night, we bumped into this lovely resto Delicatessen. Nice food, great wine, happy people… What do you need more on a Saturday night. A place to sleep? Check! Thanks Mr. Augustin for having us. It was great!
Delicatessen Rue Sainte Catherine 17, 1000 Brussels



*totally integrated

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