Inspiration at your fingertips

Vision what?
A vision board is a collection of pictures you put on a wall. They inspire and motivate you to continue what you’re doing. Different from a project based mood board, a vision board visualizes your goals as a blogger or company. It gently reminds you of the direction you want to follow.

Want to make a vision board?
Here are a few tips:

  • if you don’t have a clear vision, start to determine your goals
  • create a board with cork (the bigger, the better) or buy a metal wire rack
  • collect a bunch of images, swatches, nicely designed pages or magazines cover
  • experiment with colors and textures
  • use your favourite washi tape instead of saving it up, and combine with nice clips
  • give left-over clothing hangers a second life by clipping something on them
  • adapt your board when you adjust your vision
  • incorporate your mood board into your workspace

Does it work for you? Or how do you make sure you also have some inspiration at your fingertips?

Good luck with creating your board, I’m curious!



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