3 things you might ask yourself
and the easy answers

With the long weekend ahead, I’m planning lots of mini parties with friends in our -or their- garden.
If you do too, you might ask yourself these questions.

Q1/ Drinks
What to serve? Thanks to Ginscription, I don’t have to think about which gin mix I’m going to make. If you’re still in doubt about your apero, here are some suggestions. If you like it sweet, check out the Sweet Juice Mix! Rather a peach fan? Then go for the Peach Perfect gin and tonic recipe. The Double Citrus Trouble mix with lime and lemon is the perfect apero if you like it rather sour. First question down, let’s drink to that!

Q2/ (M)eat
What to eat? Sun’s out, so no doubt the barbecue will fume every evening. For my BF, this isn’t a real question,
it’s obvious. Ok. I’ll start cutting the tomatoes.

Q3/ Sweet treat
What to eat after we ate? After dinner, I always look for something sweet. During weekdays, I’m satisfied with a small piece of dark chocolate. But when we have friends or family coming over for dinner, dark chocolate is not enough. Lately, I discovered the sweet beauties by Tarte à Moi. The cakes are made with the finest and freshest ingredients, with an eye for Belgian local products, such as apples from Haspengauw and Belgian hand-sliced strawberries. The result is simple but tasty, just the way I like it. Extra plus: the Tarte à Moi cakes are exclusively available at Delhaize. So while going for meat and vegetables, you can also buy your Tarte à Moi cakes and cookies*.

p.s.: the granola chocolate cookies are to die for 😉

Sweet sunny greetings,

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