About my vacay plans.

Fasten your seatbelts and stow your baggage… Thisistember is going on summer holiday!

While writing, I’m still working on two inspiring, secret projects, but in a few days, I’m heading for the Italian sun. Why this country? I fell in love with mountains and pasta a few months ago, when I was invited in the picturesque Sud Tirol. You might have spotted some breathtaking 🙂 images on Instagram, the story will be online later this year.

So a Mediterranean escape it is. En route we (possibly) pass by Turin, Milan and Venice. I say possibly, because my geographical knowledge is always in vacay mode. If you, by any chance, stop by one of these beautiful cities, these are some hotspots to look out for!

A/ Bar Luce / Milan
When you enter this Italian bar, it looks like you’re walking around on a film set. Why? Because film director Wes Anderson, known for The Royal Tenenbaums and The Grand Budapest Hotel, was asked to design this place. With bright colors, Formica tables and pinball machines Anderson created the perfect spot to enjoy an Italian coffee or delicious piece of sweet.

B/ Grom Gelato – Turin
Turin’s Italian nickname is Città Magica. The Magic City. And where does the magic happen? Right: at the gelateria. So if you’re looking for some refreshment in Turin, go to Grom Gelato. I can’t wait to taste their apricot ice cream! Oh and don’t forget to take a picture and post it on Instagram. If Grom Gelato reposts your pic, you get a free gelato! Good luck but don’t let it melt 😉

Almost one year ago, Joe Bastianich, Belen Rodrigues, Simona Miele and Luca Guelfi have revived the restaurant Ricci, which opened in 1938 in the heart of Milan. With chef Tony Scotto in charge, the menu is a feast of Americana, listing tuna tacos and mac and cheese alongside a few Italian standards.

D/ Biennale – Venice
Looking for some art and architecture? N. sure is. That’s why we will possibly without a doubt visit the Venice Biennale. I got triggered by these pictures of the Austria and Russian pavilion. What about you?

If you have more tips, feel free to share them in a comment.
Where are you going to make memories this summer?



p.s.: since it’s the first time I’ll visit these place, I’d like to credit the neo trad, urbanoutfitters blog, grom gelato, framboise jam and archdaily

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