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In the first Just ask-interview Shari already mentioned that planning is everything. And that’s what this post is all about. With Thisistember, I want to create a platform where you (a.k.a. a young girl boss who’s still figuring it all out) discover an interesting addition to your daily business model called life. Want to add some structure? Take a look at my favorite free printables. You’ll see that planning can be super easy, stylish ànd fun!

1/ Productivity tracker
What do you want to know or be able to do in 100 days from now? Set your goal, mark every day and thank yourself later – in exactly 100 days to be precise. I found this productivity tracker on the inspiring website of Ariadne, check it out for much more paper planning goodies!

2/ Healthy planner
We all want to become a healthier version of ourselves. Rebecca’s free printable fitness planner can give you that extra push. Use this weekly log to track your food, water consumption and daily exercise, as well as to crystalize and prioritize your health goals. When she designed this planner, she wanted to get everything onto a single page to help simplify and streamline your fitness planning, but also so that at the end of a week, you can look at the planner and take pride in what you accomplished in those seven days!

3/ Daily and weekly planner
I’m always very excited about all the new opportunities and collaborations, but sometimes I’m not really sure about how I’m going to manage them on a daily base. Luckily, creative mom Kari launched two lovely planners. The daily planner combines both personal, business and fitness goals and will also help you to keep track of meals, give you a little inspiration and has a handy to-do list section which will help you monitor your daily progress. The weekly planner is great for an overview of the week to come and will help to prepare and plan for everything that needs to be done. I went for the theme Greenery, but there are also other beautiful themes, so take a look at Lovilee to choose your favorite planner!

Don’t forget to share you free printable source, I’m curious 😉





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    1. Fijn, zeker doen! Zowel de site van Ariadne als die van Kari en Rebecca zijn de moeite! x

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