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A delish breakfast is a perfect reason to get out of bed in the morning. Some days, there’s plenty of time to enjoy breakfast while reading the newspaper or checking our mailbox. But mostly, morning routines are nothing more than showering, brushing our teeth and kissing our loved ones goodbye.

Convenience is king at the start of our day. But despite these busy mornings, nutrition is every bit as important as convenience. We all know that Mondays aren’t Fridays. And the weekend doesn’t start on Thursday either. But there’s a solution for every situation. Thank god.

One of my favorite food brands Alpro teamed up with Hans van Alphen to provide an easy and achievable breakfast guide that’ll help you stick to your breakfast resolutions. It inspires you to make subtle but realistic changes to your breakfast routine and shows you the newest breakfast trends. From purple food to chocolate cake for breakfast, it’s all happening in 2017.

The manual is divided into 3 categories. The first chapter includes delish options for a breakfast on the go. Think purple and healthy snacking. Second, there are plenty of suggestions for a quick and easy breakfast. Last but not least, you’ll discover the best recipes for a festive brunch, pancakes 2.0 and hipster hot drinks included.

Food is ready!


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