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In the mood for vacay but still wondering what to pack for your next trip? Just check the holiday packing checklist and use it as an easy guide for your next trip. I’ll make sure you won’t leave without all your sunny day essentials.



  • check the forecast for the next couple of days
  • throw random pieces into your suitcase plan your outfits
  • think about the activities you’re going to be doing

Dresses: think about fabrics, go for cotton and try kaftan style if you’re going for a beach holiday
T-shirts and tops
Sleepwear: leave his t-shirt at home and go for a matching set


High heels: unless your destination is an old town covered with sand and cobbles streets
Slippers: to unveil that summer feeling – Note: make sure your nails are on point
Trainers: when you’re going for a walk


Bikinis: if you’re going for four days or more, take two. That way you can leave one to dry while you wear the other
Bathing suit: a great option when your bikini body (or let’s say belly) isn’t ready yet


Sunglasses: a good UV filter is a must!
Easy jewelry: don’t take along your most expensive pieces. You’ll end up spending your days worrying about it falling off in the sea or locking it in a safe. Just take what you need or buy a not so expensive vacay-piece that fits everything.


Beach or pool bag: go for a big water resistant bag to take along your towels, magazines, bottle of water and suncream
A crossbody bag: this one comes in handy when you’re going for some sight-seeing
A clutch: for those evening nights



  • cityrip = sample time!
  • check out my favorite sprays here

Suncream: for face and body. You can always buy this at the airport to save on check in weights
After-sun: one with insect repellent is convenient if you’re one of those people that mosquitoes seem to love
Shower gel
Shampoo and conditioner: don’t forget to nourish your hair when enjoying sun and sea (salt)
A brush: I always forget this one
Cleanser and moisturizer
Toothbrush and – paste
A small first aid kit: plasters and some Nurofen for when you’ve hit the mojito’s
A lip balm with an SPF



  • your sunkissed skin will look just fine without makeup, just go for the essentials bellow
  • if you go for mascara, make sure it’s waterproof

Perfume: check my summer favorite here


Chargers: an (extra) portable one is always a good idea

Now you’re ready to leave.
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