Let’s amaze ourselves

Some things blend perfectly. As if they were made to meet each other one day. Like fountain pens and notebooks, or white shirts and dressings. But it can also be less cliché if you want. And unexpected encounter can result in a perfect story or a simple tip can change your whole career. Note: what is evident will never amaze anyone. So let those influences clash and make sure your inspirations always disagree. Only then, the result will be a perfect piece of harmony. Impeccable details included.

Enjoy my affix to your ever-changing daily business model. From inspiring offices and outfits to delicious brunch ideas and travel tips, Thisistember hunts for what can make a difference for those gentlewomen among you.

I’m not a fashion pro, I can’t resist pickles chips and I’m not a morning person. But I love to try in my own distinct way. Need a touch of Thisistember? I’m a creative content creator and I love to write, every day. From short copy to long story.

Feel free to contact me with your questions, comments or invitations for a new adventure.


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